“Lose 5 kilos by birthday on Friday to fit into new dress” is not exactly a realistic goal. We look at some of the best ways to create smart, achievable health goals for 2015.


Creating fitness goals is what propels us forward and improves our health and fitness. However, setting unrealistic or extremely difficult goals can keep our sense of achievement just out of reach. So, here are some tips on making sure you keep the balance between challenging and achievable.

Tip #1: Start small. Whatever your big goal is, break it up into small increments. Being able to tick off that week’s goal will give you the energy and motivation to try just as hard the next week.

Tip #2: Get some advice. Are you trying to gain muscle, extend your fitness, or lose weight? Whatever the goal, seek some professional advice from your trainer or a GP – they will set you on the right track, with the right moves.

Tip #3: Be realistic. Be proud of your body shape, and work with what you have. If you’re a naturally slim guy, don’t beat yourself up about not beefing up for summer. And ladies, not everyone can be a size 8. Love yourself for who you are.

Tip #4: Write it down.  After getting some advice on what goals you can achieve, plan it out on your calendar. Mark the days where you want to have achieved your goals, so you have something to work towards.

Tip #5: Reward yourself. Your journey towards your goal is going to have plenty of tricky moments when you are tired, sulky, and wanting to slip back into old habits. So when you overcome those moments, reward yourself! Get a massage, buy a new pair of shoes, or take the afternoon off to see a movie. It’s what will keep you moving forward.

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